Friday, October 8, 2010

Legend Jose "Conejito" Garza Died Thursday

It is with a heavy heart that I let our readers know that Jose "Conejito" Garza, the owner of Conejito's Place, died Thursday, age 75.

For those of you who have had the honor of eating Jose's paper-plate delicacies, this is a sad day, indeed.

The Journal-Sentinel has a wonderful obituary about Jose, available online here.

Our hearts go out to all of Jose's family and friends, and we know that the Milwaukee Food Scene has lost Prince among Paupers. He will be missed.

In Loving Memory Of
Jose "Conejito" Garza
December 14, 1934 - October 7, 2010


  1. Sad to learn yesterday that we lost Conejito this past week. For those who knew this gentle soul and Milwaukee's finest host and restaurateur know that there's now a huge void in the universe. Here's hoping there's always a corner stool and shot of tequila waiting for him in heaven and that he shared his salsa Verde recipe with someone before he left us. And that the wonderful Conejito tradition remains.

  2. I will always miss you Conejito. Our family loves your restaurant! Every time I visit home that's where our family would meet. And as always you were at the bar with your shot of tequila, lime, and beer. You made your way around the tables handing out pens as always. You were always kind and made sure we were taken care of. Now it's your turn to be taken care of up there. I miss you Conejito.

  3. I had been going there since highschool, always loved seeing Jose, i knew the staff and felt welcomed always. The pens and trinkets were the best. When i got married and had my daughter I took them there and he treated my family like they had been coming for years too. I'm gonna miss sitting at the bar with him, doing our shot, getting my hug and seeing his big smile.
    heaven waits and welcomes you, jose, cheers!

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