Our Pledge

To You, Our Readers

1) Never advertise. We won't run ads for anything, unless the policies with our service providers change. We currently pay for everything involved with this blog (hosting, domain registration, meals, publicity... everything!) out of pocket. We have a stake in this website... if we succeed, if we help our readers, we do it on our own. If we fail, we do it on our own watch, no excuses. We NEVER ask for our meals to be comp'ed, and while we're never ones to turn down free food, we always warn you if this is the case.

2) We are not famous, nor do we want to be. If the website becomes huge, it is because we did our job. We're not out to be Andrew Zimmern's go-to consultants on Milwaukee food, we just really love the cool, goofy, dive-y, unusual restaurants, and we love Milwaukee -- ALL of it. Maybe we can change a few minds about this city -- particularly the places that some people would rather forget about.

3) We promise to keep politics out of it. All of the staff have extremely strong political affiliations (and not all of us are card-carrying members of the same party, mind you!). We have passions about social and economic issues, and we love to have intelligent conversations about those issues. But a food blog is not the forum for that.

4) We will never moderate discussion. Either here or on Facebook or Twitter or anything else that comes along. If you have a comment for us, we're not going to censor it. The only things we take down (and as quickly as possible) are spam and outright ads. We do allow local restaurants to post their specials on Facebook, since we don't pay anything for our page there.

5) We have a lot of friends in the restaurant 'biz, and from time to time, we like to give them a shout out. Nine chances out of ten, they're our friends because we like their food, and got to know the folks behind the counter. We like to shine a spotlight once in a while because we truly believe They're Doing It Right. We don't make anything from this, we don't get free meals and we don't get our name in the credits.

6) We believe that there isn't enough positivity out there anymore. Do good, and good will return to you. Serve selflessly, and you will be taken care of. This might seem a little optimistic, but don't you think we can use some optimism right now?

7) We're original members of the Wisconsin Food Bloggers group (club? consortium?). Both a social and service group, based on Facebook, members work to both inform and entertain our readers, providing accurate and topical information, and doing it all with unwavering ethics and professional standards. Most of the time we just entertain ourselves.