The founding members of Eating Milwaukee are three friends who love Milwaukee, believe in Milwaukee, and want people to know the Milwaukee that we know.

We met at Ripon College, and despite being from different parts of the state, all settled in Milwaukee post-graduation. We come from vastly different backgrounds and families, work immensely different "day jobs," and all have our unique points of view, but we agree on one thing: Milwaukee has some astonishing restaurants.

We love including our circle of friends in the site, so from time to time, you'll see some "Guest Stars" as well as some regular reviewers. However, our triad stays the same:

Andy is a corporate buyer with a large supply firm in Milwaukee. He's an avid golfer, as well as a boating enthusiast. If he had to choose between his grill and his car, he would probably choose the car, but I can assure you, he'd hold a vigil for the grill afterwards. He resides in Butler.

You can contact Andy directly by emailing him at

Joe is a licensed Funeral Director at a prominent group of funeral homes on the South Side. In his spare time, he agonizes over the proper way to light a hamburger, as well as being a food photographer for Milwaukee's best known restaurants. He proudly drives a Ford Taurus X, which he is constantly berated for by valets. If you ever see him on the street, you may have to stomp on his iPhone to actually get his attention. He is a firm believer that Macs rule, and PC's drool. He resides on the Milwaukee-Greenfield border. Literally.

If you have something you'd like to bring to Joe's attention, you can email him here:

Lauren both teaches music and performs at multiple venues and events around the city. She will gladly play the piano or oboe for you, but has sworn off the Squeesophone ever since her tragic accident at the Bratislava concert hall involving twelve Squeesophonists and a Celeste. Please don't ask her about it, it's still a sensitive subject. Lauren lives in Shorewood with her cat, S'mores.

If you'd like to know more about Lauren, you can e-mail here at

Adam, a longtime friend and frequent guest diner on Eating Milwaukee, joined the staff full-time in January 2011, due partially to his returning to Milwaukee for work, and partially because the ACLU says Andy and Joe technically represent a Body-Weight-To-Head-Count danger to Lauren. When asked who his idols were, he answered both Sarah Palin and Barney Frank, which means he'll fit in just fine with us. During the day, Adam is an attorney, and by night, he patrols the mean streets of the North Shore doing Homeless Kitten and Mustelid drug rehab and outreach.

Feel free to contact Adam with any kitten or mustelid or Kashrut questions you may have by e-mailing him at