We're extremely proud of our exceptionally high standards for images on our site.  Joe, in addition to being a licensed funeral director, is also a professional photographer who specializes in food -- he is the de facto  menu and event photographer for a number of Milwaukee's hottest restaurants (which, by the way, we do NOT review, so as to eliminate any conflict of interests... ahem). We have a strict policy: no eating until Joe gets the right shot. Here's the rig we use for photos:

Main body: Nikon D7000
Backup body: Nikon D70s

All the glass we use is Nikon (I know, I'm a snob) Here's what's in my bag:

10-24mm zoom
24mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.8G (I like this focal length best for food)
50mm f/1.8G
50mm f/1.4
55-300mm zoom

Strobist info: We use on-camera, off camera, bounce and available light -- giving away our exact methods would be like a magician explaining their tricks...

Stock photos may be used for section headers. All design is done by the Eating Milwaukee staff, and we will never use an image without proper copyright clearances. We get almost all of our stock photos from the stock.xchng. Historic photos are usually from family archives or