Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iron Cupcake: Booze 10.17.10

Abandoning my Tee-totalling ways, I made the pilgrimage to the latest Milwaukee Iron Cupcake competition to cheer on our friend and yours, Mel from Bites of Life with her Absinthe cupcakes. While we were there, we had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with Paul from Burp! (Lo, apparently, was under the weather. Feel better!), Neil, and a host of other Milwaukee food bloggers, as well as the royal Ruthie (of Dear Ruthie fame) as Mistress of Ceremonies. 

Well, I have absolutely no tolerance left, 'cause about six cupcakes in and I was already buzzed. Maybe it was the Absinthe...

There was a ton of gorgeous little cakes out there, and lots of awesome folks enjoying the Sunday afternoon... too bad it's the last Iron Cupcake of the year!

A few highlights below, but check out the gallery for the whole story!


  1. You're so brave! Sorry I missed all the fun on Sunday -- but it looks like you sampled some great stuff for me. Pix are fantastic, as usual!