Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MKEFoodies Tweet-Up 2011, #1

It's late, and my writing always starts sounding like a Jefferson Airplane album played backwards when it's done after midnight, so I'm going to save writing the actual blog post until tomorrow. But some bullet points for the MKEFoodie's first Tweet-Up of 2011:
  • Foodies are, by far, the most fun and outgoing group of people on the planet.
  • Milwaukee Foodies are crazier, funnier, and generally more agreeable than either Cleveland and Norfolk Foodies put together. Yuma foodies are a pretty zany crowd, though. We're a close second.
  • The Mason Street Grill's Steak Forks are the weirdest and tastiest appetizer I've had in a while.
  • My MKEFoodie friends rock, and I raise a digital toast to a new year of eating well. And, frankly, Eating Milwaukee. But that's a different show.
For a look at the pictures (spoiler alert! the whole story will be up a little later!), check out the Picasa gallery below: