Sunday, February 27, 2011

MKE Foodies Tweet Up #2: Distil

Despite the fact that February has, in essence, kicked my rear well into March, Eating Milwaukee did find a few spare minutes to attend this month's MKE Foodies Tweet Up at Distil, downtown.

Some of the tasty food highlights included:

Duck Confit Roulade on crostini with home-brewed pickle:

Scallop Chorizo with Polenta:

Pork fritter with citrus:

And the ultra-decadent Popcorn in Duck Fat with Parmesan Cheese:

The duck confit was a pleasant twist, not quite a pâté, not quite a forcemeat, not quite a paste. The bold duck flavor was at the forefront, with a distinct iron flavor of liver. 

The scallop chorizo was my personal favorite of the evening. Smoky notes of paprika meld with deep flavors of the ocean, juxtaposed with a sweet, tart, and richly spiced stewed cherry tomato. The thick and flavorful polenta rounds out the textural fun.

The pork fritter was quite possibly the most cryptic: breaded in cracker meal, deep fried, the fritter was almost creamy in texture, served with a piquant aioli(?) and a thin sliver of spring onion. 

No bar would be complete without popcorn, and since we're downtown, it serves perfectly that Distil's be tarted up a bit: popped with duck fat, and tossed with salty and nutty parmesan cheese. The popcorn was both rich and light, a bit greasy but intensely flavorful at the same time.

The full gallery of shots of the tweet-up is available here:

Distil Tweet-Up

The Details:

722 N. Milwaukee St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Website available here

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