Thursday, February 23, 2012

#MKEFoodies Get Branded at Iron Horse Hotel!

It's been another month since Harbor House (remember when I embarrassingly put the title up of Harbor Room? Yeah, that was pretty bad. Sorry, Harbor House!).

For February, the goofy, rag-tag bunch of Milwaukee Foodies met up at Iron Horse Hotel's bar Branded, and a good time was had by all. That is, everyone except Magirck, who I kept blasting in the eyes with my flash. Sorry, Rachel!

While there, those of us who drink (some of your trusty Eating Milwaukee staff are tee-totalers, after all) were treated to what I'm told are some of the tastiest (and strongest) Old Fashioned's in the city (and that's saying something in the MKE).

We also were treated to duck and tuna steak sliders (duck pictured):

breaded, deep-fried aubergines (I'm done using the word Eggplant. Aubergine is so much more elegant), and Magirck and I sampled some Truffle-Chips:

Fresh potato chips kissed with truffle oil and parmesan cheese, as well as the Duck Nachos:

The staff was quite helpful with Magirck's GF dietary requirements, too!

Our dear friend, Nate, who, if you should ever see him on the street, is lovingly referred to as "Pumpkin," guts'd a gargasmicly sized cheese steak:

Upon seeing such a huge plate of sliced steak, onions, and cheese, Nate was immediately stricken with an acute case of Bro-Face:

While his lovely bride, Nicole, ordered the beer-cheese soup en-pain:

Observers says Nicole became exceedingly contemplative and gained 25 IQ points after eating her soup...

Greg Sampson, the Anthony Sullivan of Wisconsin-produced Cherry products, was on hand to evangelize CherryLand's Best cherries (boy howdy, do those pictures look delicious! I wonder who shot them?), and to help announce the winner of the Great Wisconsin Cherry Recipe Contest!

Things got crazy and almost surreal when Dude Food's Nick suggested the Iron Horse kitchen staff chocolate-cover, batter, and deep fry an entire Harley motorcycle:

At which point Magirck turned into a Muppet and we all got dizzy and fell down the end:

If you'd like to see the whole photo album for our visit to Iron Horse's Branded, you can click below:

Iron Horse
All in all, we had a blast, and would like to thank the staff of Iron Horse for making us feel welcome, and for not calling the FBI or CDC on us while we were there!

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